BEW applications possible again - lifting of the budget freeze since Monday, 22 January 2024

The federal subsidy for efficient heating networks (BEW) is divided into four modules that build on each other over time and is a key instrument aimed at increasing the efficiency of heating networks in Germany. In accordance with the provisions of the provisional budget, it has been possible to submit new applications for BAFA funding again since 22 January 2024.

The funding is particularly focussed on the construction and conversion of heating networks with a high proportion of alternative energies.
We, M&P ENERGY GmbH, which specialises in consulting, planning, implementation and operation of sustainable and efficient energy solutions, are able to use the funding provided to steadily advance our vision of climate-neutral heating networks.

BEW provides clear incentives to invest in the construction of new heating networks with a high proportion of renewable energies and to decarbonise existing thermal infrastructure.

Its systemic approach considers the heat supply as a whole and reliably supports the extensive conversion of existing fossil-fuelled networks to renewable energies and waste heat as well as the construction of predominantly renewable heating systems.

For example, public institutions can receive large subsidies if they integrate municipal heating networks with a high proportion of renewable energies in new development areas or convert existing heating networks for residential neighbourhoods to renewable energies and waste heat. As part of the implementation and commissioning of a renewable heat supply system, another important aspect of BEW is a possible operating cost subsidy for the generation of renewable heat from solar thermal systems and/or electricity-driven heat pumps. The possibility of this funding applies to both new and existing heating networks or those to be transformed, with a maximum funding period of up to ten calendar years.
The federal funding makes it possible to plan, implement and operate integrated heating supply systems from Module 1 "Transformation plans and feasibility studies" to Module 2 "Systemic funding for new builds and existing networks" and Module 3 "Individual measures", followed by Module 4 "Operating cost funding".
For our customers, this BAFA federal subsidy with the BEW finance programme means a maximum subsidy rate of 50 % from the federal government in order to be able to operate an environmentally friendly and efficient heat supply in the future.

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